About The Shoot

My studio is in Finsbury Park, London. Over the course of 2-2.5 hours, I will take around 300 photos for you to choose from for your portfolio. We will split our time between studio photography with tonnes of natural light and some outdoor photography (weather permitting!) at the park across the road. This is suitable for actors, directors, creatives and any professional who needs some images. 

Current package is £150 for 3 images in both colour and B&W. Any additional edits cost £10 per photo. Once you have sent me your final choices, I work to a 2 week turn around.


What Should I Wear?

Bring along options – it is good to bring a variety of colours, necklines and textures. My general thinking is, bring along your favourite clothes, your confidence will shine through!

What About Makeup?

I would recommend using a similar amount of make up that you would wear to an audition or a job. Got a blemish? No worries at all, it is easier to edit out spots and marks than make up so do not panic and cover it up too heavily! The only thing I would definitely advise is applying lip balm the night before and the morning of the shoot.

How Should I Prepare?

Drink lots of water the night before and on the day. It will keep you looking and feeling bright! Have a look at my other images and see if there is a particular style that you would like us to recreate. If not – do not worry, we can find our own way through the shoot.

Drop me a message to book a slot!