I offer Family and Children Photoshoot packages that start at £160 for 10 images with every extra image after that costing £8. During your shoot, I will come to your house or a place of significance to you all and I will spend an hour or so capturing your family life! Please do get in touch if you are interested!

I have been fortunate enough to create publicity images for many theatre productions and have received fantastic feedback from my work! When I create a promotional image, I read the play, discuss with the director and designer if they have any distinct themes they would like to portray, then over an hour or two, I play around with various set ups with the actors to create a variety of images to choose from.

Prices for publicity images start at a base rate of £50 for one image and for every extra image, I charge a further £10. Once you have your final choices, I work to a 2 week turn around. For quicker edit turnaround times, see the following:

1 week edit: £15

3 day edit: £20

24 hours: £30

Do get in touch if you have any questions.

Below are some examples:

The Effect by Lucy Prebble and produced by Play With Fire Productions in 2018.

Directed by Jake Murray and designed by Louis Price

You’re on a placebo, Tristan. Least I’ve got an excuse. She told me: you’re nothing, you’re a control. This is all just you.

COMMIT – A new piece of theatre created for Co:LAB 2018 at The Royal Exchange, Manchester.

An interactive piece by Big Liars. “You do whatever it takes to get them to commit, because you know the other guys will.”

Earthquakes in London by Mike Bartlett, performed by Manchester School of Theatre in 2017.

Directed by Sebastian Harcombe and designed by Olivia Du Monceau

“It’s cabaret, we’ve got our heads down and we’re dancing and drinking as fast as we can. The enemy is on its way, but this time it doesn’t have guns and gas it has storms and earthquakes, fire and brimstone”

Picnic by William Inge and performed by Manchester School of Theatre in 2017

Directed by Stefan Escreet and designed by Elizabeth Wright

Things We Want by Jonathan Marc Sherman and produced by Play with Fire Productions and Swaggering Crow Productions in 2018

Directed by Daniel Bradford

Cloudstreet by Nick Enright and Justin Monjo, performed by Manchester School of Theatre in 2017

Directed by Pat Trueman and designed by Lara Booth

Blithe Spirit by Noel Coward, performed by Manchester School of Theatre in 2017

Directed by Chris Hayes and designed by Elizabeth Wright

I have also done some wedding photography, parent and baby portraits and experimental photography. Have a look at a selection of work below

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